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Our History

In 1999, our temple journey started in a converted house, a place that has evolved into a spiritual sanctuary over the years. With the support of devoted individuals, we’ve expanded our temple, adding essential elements like the contemplative Budu Medura and spaces for observing sil. The landscape now includes a dignified Chithya and the revered Bhodi tree, bringing a sense of tranquility to the surroundings. Other features, such as the sakman maluwa, contribute to the temple’s enriching atmosphere. Today, our temple stands as a symbol of unity and devotion, offering a traditional Sri Lankan temple experience to all who seek solace within its sacred walls.

Weekly Schedule

Temple is open every day from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. Please talk to a Ven resident monk for access outside these times.

Tuesday ධම්මචක්කපවත්තන සුත්‍ර සජ්ජායනාව සවස 7:30
Thursday බෝධි පූජාව සවස 7:30
Sunday දහම් පාසල - උදෑසන 9:00 ‌ සිට ෆෙයාබර්න් විදුහල් ශාලාවේදී


As a religious organization, we provide all our religious services free of charge. Our ability to offer these services and maintain our facilities depends on the generosity of our donors. If you are willing to help, the following options are available:

      • Monthly donations as Automatic Payments.
      • One-off or special donations as direct deposits

Our account details are as follows:

Account Name:
New Zealand Sri Lanka Buddhist Trust

ASB Bank

Account Number:

When making donations, please include your name and contact phone number for reference.

      • For any inquiries and to ensure you receive your donation receipts, kindly email, providing your contact details, including your postal address.
      • Donations over $5.00 are eligible for a 33% IRD Tax Rebate.
      • You can conveniently make your donations at the temple using the EFTPOS facility.
      • For cash donations, you may hand them over to Venerable monks or place them in the donation box. Your support is greatly appreciated in sustaining our religious endeavors and services.