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Food delivery Oct 2023

2023 ඔක්තෝබර් 8 - කෙසෙල් කොළේ බත් පාර්සල් ‌බෙදාහැරීම

8th October 2023 - Rice on Banana leaf delivery

Fundraising Event

The Sri Lanka New Zealand Buddhist Trust organized a fundraising event to support the renovation of the temple kitchen. In this event, the community had the opportunity to pre-order rice packets wrapped on banana leaves, which could either be picked up or delivered.

Volunteers from the Dayaka community played a vital role in managing the orders and contributing the necessary food items. They too worked tirelessly in the temple kitchen to cook the rice. The freshly prepared meals were then thoughtfully packed on banana leaves. The efficient delivery and distribution were done by the Dayaka community.

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